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Margin Finder is the calculator for all of your business needs! You can easily calculate margin, markup, or profit based on any parameters that you have.

You can download the full press kit here. For further inquiries, please reach out using the support page.


Determine your profit, margin, and markup for selling any number of items.


Given the unit cost, determine your selling price for a desired markup or margin.


Given the unit selling price, determine your item cost for a desired margin or markup.


Make quick calculations that include tax or any other additional fees or markups.


Easily share your calculations using the standard share sheet.

Finally, if you enjoy using Margin Finder, please take some time to leave a review. Feedback is always appreciated for future updates.

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iOS Screenshots

Margin Calculator on iPhone
Price Calculator on iPhone
Cost Calculator on iPhone

Dollar or Percent Margin Calculation on iPhone
Margin or Markup Calculation on iPhone
Business Calculator on iPhone

Margin Finder Dark Mode on iPhone

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Margin Calculator on iPad
Price Calculator on iPad

Cost Calculator on iPad
Dollar or Percent Calculation on iPad

Margin or Markup Calculation on iPad
Business Calculator on iPad

Margin Finder Dark Mode on iPad

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